29 Mar 2016
26. 4. – 26. 6. 2016

26. 4. – 26. 6. 2016

Martin Wágner is a graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. His dissertation in 2013 was a black and white documentary series “Where Europe begins?”. With photographs, however, he has succeeded a year earlier, the 18th edition of the photographic competition Czech Press Photo 2012, where won in the category „Daily life“ for series “Where Europe begins?”.

Vágner is interested in Russia since childhood. Already at thirteen he visited the Carpathians, later, from seventeen drove himself to Ukraine, Russia and other countries. He traveled through Siberia and the Far East. Photographed in the Gulag, on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the ancient Siberian communities, recognized herders of reindeers and hunters of whales in Chukotka, photographed ducks hunting on Ankara river, a volcanologists on the Kurile Islands. Series “Where Europe begins?” summarizes the last few years of his work.