29 Mar 2016
Views into the collections of Olomouc Museum of Art 28/4/2016 – 25/9/2016

28/4/2016 – 25/9/2016

Motifs of blooms and inflorescences in the works of Art Brut artists. Selected drawings and paintings with floral motifs employing imagination beyond the boundaries of reality. 

Works of renowned artists of Art Brut, which means art in its original, rough state, such as the remarkable paintings of the world-famous Anna Zemánková, the fanciful blooms of Cecilie Zemánková, Adéla Ducháčová, Josef Kotzian, Anna Haskel and other artists. 

The exhibition is attractive to the audience and helps them to recognise a marginal area of works by amateur artists from Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia. Such works have appeal because of their inner charge.