02 Mar 2015
21. 10. - 11. 12. 2015

Circuit Olomouc / Olomouc semiofficial art scene during normalization

21. 10. – 11. 12. 2015
The Museum of Modern Art | Theatre of Music

Olomouc semiofficial art scene during normalization. Olomouc circuit is the first of a pair of exhibitions, which Archive of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Museum of Art in Olomouc detail maps unofficial and semi-official art events in Olomouc, 70s and 80s. The exhibition is dedicated to the Galerie v podloubí (Arcade Gallery) and exhibitions Theatre of Music – major outbreaks semi-official artistic life, even though the two institutions were purely official founder. Continuous documentation (eg. a complete line catalog of posters in stunning graphic design Oldřich Šembera, period photographs) that the exhibition presents, not only allows detailed insight into the Olomouc exhibition dramaturgy, but also vivid impression efforts, endeavors, real possibilities of victory in the cultural life of this difficult period.