Portal as house and house as portal

27 Jun 2024 - 29 Sep 2024
Olomouc Museum of Art
(Exhibition) (Workshop) (Architecture)
Studentský projekt Portál jako dům a dům jako portál, Fakulta architektury VUT Brno, Ateliér Kristek – Sedlák
The first-year students were sent on a journey into the world of postmodern architecture of the 1990s in their first semester, using the coordinates 49.593670, 17.249672. They found themselves in the Olomouc Passage, designed by architect Ctirad Kolář in the early 1990s, in a different space-time.

Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology

Each of them had to choose one of the postmodern portals hidden in this mysterious oasis and bring it to life with the story “What happens behind the portal.” The specific aesthetic became the basis for the individual stories, which then became the brief and the design program. Through the postmodern aesthetic, the diverse ideas evoked by postmodern expression were materialized.

All of this was achieved before this work definitively erased the demolition plan and rewrote the proposal of another architect with the motto: to cleanse the space of the arcade from dehumanizing interventions, to calm it down and to restore the quality that belongs to this part of the city. Obviously, we will have to wait 30 years before the repetitive shopping aesthetic becomes relevant again, something that today’s arcade already has in the contemporary European architectural language.


  • Tereza Davidová
  • Jáchym Hala
  • Jana Holubová
  • Kryštof Kestl
  • Matúš Mráz Kristián
  • Viktor Peloušek
  • Veronika Sikstová
  • Klára Slováčková
  • Amálie Šmídová
  • Amálie Štarhová
  • Dorian Velek
  • Peter Velický