Moments. Triennial SEFO 2024

ČT 27 06 2024 / 18:30 – 22.00
Trienále SEFO banner
Museum of Art Olomouc will inaugurate the second SEFO Triennial—an exhibition of contemporary Central European art—on 27 June, this time titled MOMENTS. The curator and curators selected this title to reference significant moments in our past, present, and future. The main themes showcased in the exhibitions at the Museum of Art and various other locations in Olomouc include monuments—memorials and monuments as carriers of symbols, documents and archives—tools for exploring history, and mockuments—as a method of creative reflection on these values.

SEFO Triennial will open on the inaugural day with a thematic group exhibition of contemporary artists from the broader Central European region (Moments). It will offer a glimpse into the collections of the Museum of Art Olomouc (MUO Probe) and present architectural reflections on the problem of Olomouc’s urbanism and city planning by three university studios (Moment Olomouc). Through installations and objects prepared for specific locations, it will also enter the public space of Olomouc. Two of these entries—Automation of the Luddites by the artist duo Randomroutines and Square of National Heroes and Handiwork by Ilona Németh and Marián Ravasz—will be introduced with guided entries and happenings before the official start of the Triennial. The formal opening in the Central Hall will be followed by the performance Stories of the Present, focusing on war refugees from Ukraine and the reflection of a new home. At the Museum of Modern Art, we will show the fruits of a developing collaboration with the German Kunstmuseum Bochum for the first time, with a reinstallation of the permanent exhibition The Century of Relativity, bringing works by Josef Albers, Wladyslaw Strzeminski, Endre Nemes, and Joseph Beuys to Olomouc for the first time. The opening evening will conclude at the Archdiocesan Museum with the opening of the exhibition Fire Dramas, dedicated to ephemeral monuments, and a closing afterparty with a baroque fireworks display.


  • 14:00 RANDOMROUTINES – KRISZTIÁN KRISTÓF & TAMÁS KASZÁS (GUIDED ENTRY) Medical Faculty of Palacký University, Hněvotínská 3
  • 15:00 ILONA NÉMETH (GUIDED ENTRY) Square of National Heroes and Heroines, Upper Square
  • 20:30 – 21:00 FIRE DRAMAS (EXHIBITION OPENING), Archdiocesan Museum (Free entry)
    • GUIDED TOURS, ACCOMPANYING PROGRAMME 21:00 – 22:00 Archdiocesan Museum (Free entry)
    • BAROQUE FIREWORKS 22:00 Archdiocesan Museum (Free entry)

Visitors can look forward to over forty artists and architects from the broader Central European region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine). They will reflect on a timeline full of jumps, twists, crises, and periods of apparent calm. This timeline features MOMENTS of extraordinary historical and symbolic significance, MOMENTS when we erected monuments to personalities and events deserving of recognition at the time and according to the circumstances, MOMENTS of retrospective examination of historical sources and revision of past decisions, and MOMENTS when we creatively coped with historical events and their commemorations through creative invention or mystification.

Invited Artists: Zsolt Astalosz, Michaela Černická, Tomáš Džadoň, Ertepl – Serge Lassant, EtchingRoom1 (Kristina Yarosh, Anna Khodkova), Andreas Fogarasi, Karolina Grzywnowicz, Vladimír Havlík, Martin Horák, Vendula Chalánková, Aglaia Konrad, Robert Kuśmirowski, Marek Kvetan, Jakub Lipavsky, Roman Liubun, Dorit Margreiter Choy, Ilona Németh – Marián Ravasz, Tobias Putrih – Ardalan SadeghiKivi, Vojtěch Radakulan, Randomroutines (Krisztián Kristóf, Tamás Kaszás), Ala Savashevich, Jasmin Schaitl – Daria Lytvynenko – Alina Pust – Maria Shurkhal, Matěj Smetana, Tytus Szabelski-Różniak, Jakub Tajovský, Tomáš Vaněk, Nela Vicanová, Martin Zetová

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. School of Architecture: Miroslav Šik, Anna Svobodová, Lenka Milerová, Dominik Vácha

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Studios: Tomáš Hlavina, Jimena Mendoza, Vojtěch Míča, Dušan Záhoranský, Pavla Sceranková, David Böhm – Tomáš Svoboda, Matouš Lipus

Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology. Studios: Vojtěch Jemelka, Jan Mléčka, Jaroslav Sedlák, Szymon Rozwałka

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Studio IV: Roman Brychta, Markéta Mráčková, Barbora Šimonová