Moment Olomouc

27 Jun 2024 - 22 Sep 2024
Olomouc Museum of Art
Publikované výstupy workshopu FA VUT Brno
The Moment Olomouc exhibition is the result of the long-term work of teachers and architecture students from the three universities that are cooperating with the SEFO 2024 Triennial.

The theme of MOMENTS, which covers the show of contemporary Central European art, is tested by the architects directly on the structure of the city. Olomouc thus becomes a place of experimentation, following the trio of concepts MONUMENT-DOCUMENT-MOCKUMENT in response to the brief. Monuments in the broadest sense of the word are abundant in Olomouc, its territory enjoys varying degrees of protection, and at different times Olomouc people have treated different modes of memory. In some places it is exaggerated, in others it is absent. Through DOCUMENTATION we systematize the tools of knowledge of local memory. The instrument of experiment is MOCKUMENT, which introduces mystification or irony into the interpretive processes, questioning myths based on the reality of the previously unambiguous facts.

We are looking for MOMENTS that fit into the image of the city. The stable, monumentalized one has its cracks, its black holes, it becomes the object of interest for future architects who, in the perspective of fiction and/or reality, are preparing for Olomouc the MOMENTS that are yet to come.

The group led by Miroslav Šik, Anna Svobodová, Lenka Milerová from the School of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in collaboration with Matouš Lipus, moves on the sensitive borderline between the (over?)-protected Olomouc conservation area and zones whose potential has been ignored by the locals for years. The assignment is solved by architects in cooperation with art students.

The University of Applied Arts in Prague with a studio led by Roman Brychta, Marketa Mráčková and Barbora Šimonová warmed up thematically by exploring iconic historical torsos and their extensions. In Olomouc, the team is delving into a bigger bite, the landscape torso that surrounds the city.

The Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology has divided the tasks. Two teams are operating in the centre, Szymon Rozwałka investigates the phenomenon of mediocrity, among others as an idealised production of today’s monument care, Jaroslav Sedlák turns the students’ interest to the so far neglected postmodern layer of cultural heritage. Vojtěch Jemelka and Jan Mléčka test with their students the possibilities of an experimental approach to conservation on concrete examples of non-monuments. In a critical probe, their team worked on the Olomouc material to the very edge of the profession of architecture and urban planning. The absence of care for vague territories, and especially their inhabitants, makes them empathetic sociologists scanning the terrain of the city in its complexity.

Student’s projects

Other Student’s projects

Vít Gregora and Barbora Kurková – A New Morava under Olomoucí
Kryštof Krebs – Wanderer (lost landscape)
Jakub Slamka – In the footsteps of lost forts
Camilo Soto Velez – Forts on the Map
Balázs Moscelini – Remnant Loop
Albert Machek – Holická trail