Vojtěch Jemelka

Vojtěch Jemelka, Fakulta architektury VUT Brno

*1985 (Czech Republic)
study: Faculty of architecture at Brno University of Technology, Academy of Fine Arts Prague – School of Architecture
lives and works in Olomouc, also works in Brno

Graduate of the School of Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts, architect, member of the architectural studio Barley Studio and the band Smädný mnich, works as a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture of the Brno University of Technology.

With the students, they walked through the entire city as part of the “Poor Olomouc!” project and mapped the current settlement network of people “in substandard housing” and the places where people “without a roof” are most often found. They discovered incredible collages of makeshift dwellings – the resulting interactive map counts more than 200 places.

Workshop and exhibition

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