NEWS: 13 04 2023 The MUOs traditional collaboration with the Ecological Centre Sluňákov and the Caesar Gallery now brings you a free set of short-term exhibitions featuring artists Lenka Falušiová, Daniel Fischer and René Habel.

NEWS: 13 04 2023

A free set of short-term exhibitions prepared within the traditional cooperation with the Ecological Centre Sluňákov and the Caesar Gallery consists of three concentrated monographic presentations. It presents artists of three generations, two of whom – Lenka Falušiová and Daniel Fischer – have been associated with the topic of ecology in the broad sense of the word for their entire lives, while the third, René Hábl, is an exceptional example of an artist, a „postmodern artist“, who grasps the landscape in the sense of a free play of imagination.

Lenka Falušiova
Silver waters flow over the steps of the forest..
Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, 04 04-28 04 2023
Curator: Barbora Kundračíková

Forest vegetation, geological structures, sanctuaries and empty spaces. The exhibition of an exceptional Czech graphic artist and draughtswoman tests the limits of imagination along with the possibilities of the image. 

Lenka Falušiová belongs to an emerging generation of artists who in the last few years have rediscovered the charm and richness of landscape painting, or rather, have embraced its original ability to embrace the world. Of course, landscape painting represents the human world – we are talking about art, about human creativity, about human perspective. Sic landscape. But also, about the amazement and overwhelm to which our minds are subject when exposed to Nature without protection. In a unique spatial installation, Falušiová deliberately tests her and our possibilities. At least imaginatively, she returns to the original experience – and establishes a new borderline between art and ritual. The exhibition is accompanied by the artists first monograph.

René Hábl
Ecological Centre Sluňákov, 13 04-20 05 2023
Curator: Barbora Kundračíková

The exhibition of René Hábl, one of the key figures of Czech postmodern painting, is subliminal, hidden fireplace of this years EDO. His RAGTIME is unsettling, echoing with of an impending outburst, it teases the viewers attention beyond endurance, his intellect tempts and caresses at the same time.

René Hábl (1968-2021, Uherské Hradiště) graduated in graphic arts from the SUPŠ in Uherské Hradiště (1983-1987), followed by a study of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studios of Jiří Sopek, František Hodonský, Jan Kotík and Miloš Šejn (1988-1994). His work was not limited only to painting; after 2000, he systematically enriched it with collage work with photography or spray paint, and eventually also intervened in space. What unifies his production is the “flat” interconnection with the appeal to the imaginative participation of the viewer, to an active exchange within the triangle of work-title-viewer. The cross-section of René Habels work seems to be a gradual crystallization of the play of the imagination, in which experience with graphic image composition and a deep knowledge of painting technique are reflected. The work of the early 1990s, characterized by an organic, volatile approach to abstraction and a dark palette applied in valers, gradually brightens, and expands its colour palette over the course of a decade characterized by compositions of repetitive motifs. After 2000, the volatility is replaced by sharp lines, brightly coloured surfaces of an almost Fauvist character and a concretization of the subjects. Before the end of the decade, the artist turns to the geometric abstraction of collage to print composition. Soon afterwards, the themes shifted again towards linear, cartoonish, almost minimalist figuration and imaginative microcosms, characterised by three-dimensional geometrised formations, often architectural in nature, set against a flat coloured background. A certain indeterminacy and fear permeate all the themes and periods.

Daniel Fischer
Spaces and reflections
Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, 04 04-28 04 2023
Curator: Barbora Kundračíková in collaboration with students of the Department of Art History, Faculty of Arts, UP

The legend of landscape concept Daniel Fischer presents a cross-section of his current work in Olomouc. Modelling is his second name, language his third. No one compares to him in his ability to grasp the world as “fragile”. He shows that concept and craft are not opposites, on the contrary, one requires the other, just like human nature.

Daniel Fischer (1950), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (1968-1974, prof. Matejka). In 1992 he was appointed professor of painting. Since 1990 he has been working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava at the Department of Painting as head of the studio of free art. He has been a visiting professor in the USA (Slippery Rock University, 1994; Rhode Island School of Design, 1998) and Germany (visiting professor at the Internationale Sommerakademic für Bildende Künste). He is a member of the Council of the State Fund of Culture Pro Slovakia, a member of the Board of the Council of Universities, former director of the international exhibition of art school students IstroArt Biennial in Bratislava (1996), chairman of the jury of the exhibition – triennial Contemporary Slovak Graphic Art (1998). Since 1999 he has been a member of the Accreditation Commission, an advisory body of the Slovak government.