NEWS: 06 04 2023 We are just days away from the end of the Sacred Art in Godless Times exhibition and come and discover what sacred art was created in spite of communist totalitarianism and who were the brave artists who created for the churches despite the real threat of persecution.

NEWS: 06 04 2023

On Sunday, April 9, you will have one last opportunity to visit the Sacred Art in an Unholy Age exhibition! Dont hesitate to come to the Museum of Art to discover how difficult the path of sacred art was during the communist totalitarianism and yet how high quality works were created. Artists such as Josef Šíma, Mikuláš Medek, Vojmír Vokolek, Jan Koblasa, Ludvík Kolek, Miroslav Troup, Otmar Oliva, Jan Sokol, Jaroslav Čermák and Michal Sborwitz are represented.