NEWS | 16. 11. 2017 The upcoming extended weekend will be the last years opportunity to see the Robber, the statue of David Černý, to watch on the Museum of Modern Art. The unique system that drives the statue does not show frost, so the Robber will only re-launch in April.

NEWS | 16. 11. 2017

For only the last three days, you will be able to admire the glaring Robber at the Museum of Modern Art. After that, the statue of David Černý puts her winter sleep. Again the museum starts running and shouts on April 1, 2018.

The coming winter and above all the frost are the reasons why the Robber will stop for the next few months. The unique system that drives the statue does not show temperatures below 5 ° C. The robber, without shouting and moving, will decorate the building of the Museum of Modern Art all winter.

The Robber is one of the most recent works of the famous and provocative Czech artist David Černý. A unique robot-sculptured sculpture moves around the Romanesque Museum of Modern Art on May 19. On his back he carries the sculpture of Karel Nepraš, which he stole in the museum. He can not but come down, so hes barking here and there, and hes screaming too. Voice was given to him by singer David Koller.

Free access to the museum

For those who will join the Robber during the national holiday on November 17th, he is ready to enter the Olomouc Museum of Art free of charge. Visitors will thus be able to see the exhibitions of the stars of the Slovak cultural scene of Jozef Jankovič The Flow of Time and the Monogramist T.D Fragment.D. The newly opened exhibition Living together | Czech collective houses mapping the development of this architectural phenomenon in Czechoslovakia.

David Černýs lovers will be the greatest attraction of the permanent exhibition of the Century of Relativity, where he exhibits another work, namely Adam from the Kity cycle and Zátops legs. The moving work created by David Cerny for the Olympics in Rio.

Free entrance to the Archdiocesan Museum, where the Olomouc Synagogue (1897 – 1939) and the permanent exhibition “In Glory and Praise II” are prepared.