The Archives of the Olomouc Museum of Art are continued through the activities of the Olomouc Gallery of Fine Arts, which was part of the Regional Museum in Olomouc until 1989. This professional workplace documents the history of the institution, filing the materials related to its exhibition activities, including extraordinary events around the museum.

The archives particularly document materials related to the art scene in Olomouc and the surrounding areas, archiving the estates of prominent artists and figures from the area. Extensive photographic and restoration documentation related to individual buildings of the museum and the collections administered by the museum are kept here. The photo-archives hold a significant position in the archives of MUO, as they preserve, along with the photos of exhibits which are being gradually digitalized, the photo-documentation of the exhibitions and other MUO events.


The Archives of MUO continuously process information regarding the art scene in the Olomouc area and make these available to the professional public. Researchers may study archive materials by previous agreement or through written request.


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