NEWS | 2. 1. 2018 Meditation in Inge Koskovas drawings is one of the main topics of the first quarterly issue of the Museion. But the reader is also waiting for an interview with the film director Theodore Moses or the introduction of an international project Years of Disarray.

NEWS | 2. 1. 2018

The Olomouc drawer Inge Koskova and the cross-section of her work is one of the main topics of the first quarterly issue of the Museion. In March, a retrospective exhibition of their works will be held at the Museum of Modern Art. But the reader also has a great interview with the director and screenwriter Theodore Moses or the remembrance of gorgeous festivities at the Imperial Court of Leopold I, which will be exhibiting at the Archdiocesan Museum as of January 25th.

The Muzeion will also bring out two major museum projects for 2018, the first ever organized exhibition in the Czech Republic to map Polish post-war abstraction – abstraction.PL | 1945 – 2017. In the magazine are waiting for you medallions of selected posle artists. The second project is Years of Disarray | Between Anxiety and Delight: The Birth of the Modern Central European Citizen 1908–1928 – a unique international art exhibition in central Europe ten years before the break-up of Austria-Hungary and ten years after the establishment of the successor states.

The profile medallion this time belongs to the manager of the collections of paintings and sculptures, the artist and the passionate badminton player Vladimír Pospíšil.

You will also find a photoreport from the autumn vernissage in the new issue. Bratislava City Gallery Director Ivan Jančár remembers Jozef Jankovich and architect Hubert Guzik will reveal the location of collective houses in todays world. You will also learn about the new acquisitions Museum of the Art, and there will be no news from the Olomouc Museum of Arts Association. Its members will find Muzeion soon in their mailbox, other art fans can pick up the new number for free at the box office. In the electronic version, you will find the current edition HERE.