NEWS | 4. 10. 2017 For the treatment of the tragic story of Anne Frank, the Nitra Theater won three nominations for the most prestigious Slovak theater award - DOSKY. A unique performance will offer you the Music Theater in Olomouc on Wednesday October 25th.

NEWS | 4. 10. 2017

Days of Jewish culture offer their visitors a rich program each year and this year it will not be different. One of the highlights of this years production is the production of Anna Frank in the performance of the New Theater in Nitra. The fact that this is a top performance proves three nominations for the most prestigious Slovak theater award, DOSKY.

On the award, similar to Czech The Theatre Critics’ Awards, he was nominated in the category Best Director by the production of Šimon Spišák. In the category of the best female actress, Lucia Korena, who plays Anne Frank, was fought by the nominated actresses. The third nomination is then the main category, the best production of the year.

The authors of the dramatization of the diary instead of the reconstruction of the sensual diary scriptures showed in a playful manner the confidential corner of the secrets of experiencing puberty. “They do not play, they just register a stream of consciousness captured in Annes diary. The production is not sentimental but actually true to the search for human heat, paradoxically in times of general hatred and unreasonable xenophobia, “wrote Miroslav Ballay on

The production of Anna Franková will be offered on 25th October by the Theater of Music, within the Days of Jewish Culture. It is a dramatization based on the 13-year-old Anna Franks diary, which hid with her family during the Second World War and wrote down everything that happened around her. The note ends with a text that Anna recorded just days before her soldiers drag her and her family. She died of typhus in 1945 at the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.