NEWS | 1. 8. 2017 Childrens laughs from Monday are extended by the Olomouc Museum of Art. A traditional suburban camp began. This year, a new director of the Childrens Museum of Art will take part in this event.

NEWS | 1. 8. 2017

How do photos of the exhibits and how portraits, what the PR department does, and what is the most important or what is the work of the restorer, have learned the participants during the first two days of MUO suburban camp. Children also enjoy royal fun. Laughter is accompanied by exhibitions and / or artistic activities.

A special suburban camp was tasked with familiarizing children with the running of the museum and explaining to them what they were doing. The first day was dedicated to promoting the museum. This meant that the children went through the photo studio and they became models of our photographer, Tereza Hrubá. In the afternoon, he and Edward David Hrbka inspected the permanent exhibition of the Centers of Relativity. They also created special badges with their photo and name, while they knew what the museums spokesperson was doing.

The next day was focused on restorers. In the morning children saw the rescue of old papers, and in the afternoon repairs of old paintings. Of course they could also try out themselves.

This week, children will be able to learn about the running of the museum and on Friday they may apply for a seat as the director of the Childrens Museum of Art in bankruptcy. He will be solemnly elected in the afternoon, and then will meet with the real director of MUO Michal Soukup. In addition, an exhibition of all the participants of the camp will be held at the Theater of Music.

“Children will try traditional and untraditional art techniques in a lecture studio during the week,” commemorates the artistic component of the suburban camp headed by educators Marek Šobáň.