NEWS | 25. 9. 2017 The Museum of Art is nominated for the Olomouc Region Award in the field of tourism. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in 2017. Those who win the prize will be the visitors themselves.

NEWS | 25. 9. 2017

The best tourist destination – in this category, the Museum of Art was nominated for the Olomouc Region Tourism Prize in the year 2017. Who will win the prize from the five nominees (Bouzov Castle, PLE Dlouhé stráně, forest bar Horní Lipová, ZOO Olomouc and MUO) in the survey visitors themselves.

People can vote here, as it is now. Sending voices to his favorite tourist destination will be another nine days, ie until September 30, after which the poll closes.

But the reward also waits for the voters. After the vote, ten winners will be drawn, among which the following prizes will be distributed:

Regional products for the first to third place, three entry for two persons to Termály Losiny and two discount tourist cards Olomouc region Card for each winner.