NEWS | 10. 7. 2017 Film, lecture, guided tours, exhibitions, a suburban camp or festival full of flamenco will be this summer at the Olomouc Museum of Art.

NEWS | 10. 7. 2017

Film, lecture, guided tours, exhibitions or a festival full of flamenco will be this summer at the Olomouc Art Museum. That is, at least for adults, but children will come to their own. They can look forward to an unconventional suburban camp. In addition, thirty tablets are prepared for the application, in which the bishop Karel or the Czech Television play himself.

Summer Fascination of Reality

Throughout the summer visitors of the Olomouc Art Museum will be able to see the Fascination of Reality | Hyperrealism in Czech painting. It is also a major part of the summer accompanying program. Right on Tuesday, July 11, lovers of hyperrealism can not only enjoy watching the film The Unfortunate Tiffany. The adventure horror comedy will be preceded by a lecture by Martin Jiroušek about the relationship of reality and hyperreality in the non-eternal parts of world cinema.

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There will also be no guided tours of the Fascination of Reality | Hyperrealism in Czech painting. Visitors will be able to find the curator of the exhibition Barbora Kundracikova more deeply into hyperrealism and to understand its development in the Czech environment. Guided tours will be over two holidays – one in July and one in August.



Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art can see, besides the exhibition Fascination of Reality, also a permanent exhibition of the Century of Relativity, exhibition Adolf Hölzel | Drawings as well as complete novelty, exhibition mapping the life work of Olomouc photographer – Milena Valušková | Photosgraphers 1971-2017.

Those interested in photography should not miss the Hana Connor and Filip Jadnurka Black Tears at Café Amadeus. It brings the lives of people in Bangladesh. In the Archdiocesan Museum, visitors are ready to see the exhibition In that housel Thou art all runishly and permanent exhibition In Glory and Praise II.

Flamenco Colors

Dance lovers can also enjoy the Colores Flamencos festival this year and two shows from this years program will be at the Music Theater. On Friday, July 28th, Tomáš Hanák will present the audience of the prose and poetry of Latin American authors as part of Perlas Latinas. Guitarist Petr Vít is accompanied by guitar.


Two days later, on Sunday, July 30, visitors to the Music Theater can look forward to the international music group Miramundo. The group comes from Barcelona, ​​but its founder Luiz Murá has a Brazilian – Japanese – Portuguese – Italian ancestors. He came to Spain from Rio de Janeiro. Other members of the band are Agostino Aragno from Italy, Desirée Garcia Miras from Spain and Ernesto Vargas from Mexico. Each one comes from another country and each of them has added to the sound of the band its cultural heritage as well as its passion for music, travel and collaboration with artists from around the world.


Childrens Museum

Even the smallest visitors to the museum will come. The above-mentioned application with Bishop Karel is waiting for you in thirty new tablets, which will be available at the Olomouc Archdiocese Museum at any time. In addition to tablets, children can also participate in the Czech Television competition Probuď Déčko.

The main childrens program, but breaks out on July 31, when a weekly suburban camp begins. This time with an unconventional name – Beware! We are looking for a director …

“We decided to find a capable girl or boy in the summer suburban camp for the director or director of the Childrens Museum of Art in Olomouc. What does such a candidate need to know? He must know the functioning of the museum thoroughly, “says Marek Šobáň, head of the education department.

For children, there is a need to prepare an exhibition. Art-drama workshops are set for auditions all over the place. “Children will visit a restoration workshop or a photographic studio,” reveals the program of the suburban camp Marek Šobáň.

Experienced lecturers of the Olomouc Art Museum will also introduce children to current exhibitions, where they will present interesting artworks. “Children will try traditional and untraditional art techniques in a lecturers studio or learn to communicate with journalists,” promises Marek Šobáň.

A suburban camp for children from the age of seven is held from 31 July to 4 August. The maximum number of participants is twenty.

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