EXHIBITION | Václav Cigler, Michal Motyčka. The Light
VERNISATION | April  25, 2019 
DURATION IN | Oktober 29, 2019
LOCATION | Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum
AUTHORS | Václav Cigler, Michal Motyčka
CURATORS | Jana Šindelová, Miroslav Kindl
GRAPHIC DESIGN | Michal Motyčka, Petr Šmalec
INSTALLATION | Michal Motyčka, Petr Oulehla, Ludvík fabián, Michal Winkler
TRANSLATION | Tereza Kučerová 

Václav Ciglers modern glass objects in the architectural concept of Michal Motyčka will complement the ancient environment of Zdíks Palace or the Romanesque tower of St. Barbara in the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum. The exhibition starts on Thursday, April 25, at 6.30 pm in the Mozart Hall.

On the three floors of the tower of St. Barbara, one artistic unit will create. Through the interconnection of light, a visual and spiritual axis of the story is created, from which the common thought about beauty in the sense of utility and the emotions experienced unfolds. “In the cellar of the tower there will be a water surface, which reflects the vault of the room in mutual spatial symbiosis and in the tension of visually and materially different principles. Upstairs, in the Treasury, is the Center – a sphere of optical glass that creates the center of gravity of the tower. The installation will be completed on the first floor – in St. Barbaras Chapel – Jacobs Ladder, which complements the spiritual space and fills the biblical motif of the transition from earthly to heavenly spheres,” explains curator Miroslav Kindl.

The next three interventions await visitors in Zdík Palace. For example, the Mirror Cross in the Yard of Eden makes the paths between the overflowing beds with herbs and wells more prominent. It creates a homogeneous environment in which the ceremonial central cross varies according to daylight and weather. The glass cross on earth contains a reflection of the visitor and the sky and symbolically crosses the wall through the cloister adjacent to the Cathedral of Sts. Wenceslas as a space for meditation.