NEWS | 30. 6. 2017 The first holiday weekend will be free for all exhibitions. The Art Museum has decided to reward both male students and their parents. In addition, children can enjoy a fun tablet or ČT Déčkos game. In that housel Thou art all runishly

NEWS | 30. 6. 2017

The certificate is given out, schoolchildren await two months of deserved leave. The Olomouc Museum of Art decided to reward small pupils and reward adults too – the first holiday weekend will be free of charge for all exhibitions. For example, in the Archdiocesan Museum, children can enjoy a fun tablet application or ČT Déčkos new game.

The journey to the dream of Bishop Karel

The Archdiocesan Museum has thirty brand new tablets ready to be hired for families with children, and has an application full of games and attractions. The children will meet Olomouc Bishop Karel of Lichtenstein-Castelcorn, who will take them to his dream and gradually introduce them to the most interesting exhibits. The application includes a variety of tasks and the entire museum will show the visitors. Bored with her will be neither children nor her parents.

Wake Déčko

Another surprise for the children visiting the Archdiocesan Museum is the new holiday game of Czech Television – Probuď Déčko. Engineer Squirrel needs to get a five-color key to be able to regroup the Rainbow World of Déčko and to help him with the kids. They need three special codes and one is right in our museum. In addition to the code, children will also have a special tattoo with themes of the game.

Two new exhibitions

If you want to dream, do not miss a new exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art – Milena Valušková | Photographs 1971-2017. The pictures map the life of Milena Valušková, the photographer of Olomouc, literally in all shades of her work. You can see unique documentary photos from Olomouc, but also the stunning water levels and the beauty of the old trees.

Is it possible to travel? This is not a problem for the Art Museum. The Café Amadeus exhibition will take visitors to far Bangladesh. Two young Czech photographers, Hana Connor and Filip Jadnourek, have been photographed in this exotic country several times, and at their show called Black Tears they show the hard life of Dhaka, the capital of the country.

In addition, do not miss another two wonderful exhibitions: Fascination with reality with incredibly hyperrealistic paintings in the Museum of Modern Art, and in the waist In that housel Thou art all runishly in the Archdiocesan Museum.

Visitors to the museum will have free admission, except for the first July weekends and Sundays on 5th and 6th July.