NEWS | 25. 9. 2017 Extended repertory of the successful exhibition of the Olomouc Museum OF aRT Flowers and other worlds began last week in Pardubice. The gallery of the East Bohemian Gallery will present its visitors with a selection of unique art brut art collection in Olomouc.

NEWS | 25. 9. 2017

Since last week, visitors to the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice can see the selection from the unique art brut collection of the Olomouc Museum of Art. There is an exhibition called Flowers and other worlds.

“It is an extended reprise of the exhibition, which was in Olomouc last year. Visitors will see interesting artwork from Bohemia and Moravia, especially a collection of medals, “says curator of the exhibition Anežka Šimková.

The exhibition presents visitors to hundreds of exhibits and about thirty artists names. “The theme of the flowers, which are a picture and symbol, lets say the” inner nature “of our creators, prevails in the Olomouc collection. The collection of Anna Zemánková, the real queen of art brut, appreciated all over the world, particularly excels, “stresses Šimková.

There are small collections such as Adela Ducháčova, Cecilia Marková, Vlasta Kodríkova, Anna Haskel, Josef Chabiniok and others.

In addition, the exhibition in Pardubice is an extended reprise of the last years exhibition. “We extended the Olomouc collection by about ten private loans to complement the profile of the important Silesian creator Josef Kotzian, from whom we have only two jobs in Olomouc,” explains Šimková.

The exhibition in Pardubice will last until January 7, 2018.