NEWS | 6. 11. 2017 Capturing with the sounds of genius loci at the place where the Olomouc synagogue was standing in 1939, it was the task of the lecturers of the educational department of the Olomouc Art Museum. In order to help them, they need your help on Friday and Saturday.

NEWS | 6. 11. 2017

To record the sounds of the place where the Olomouc synagogue was built in 1939, it was the purpose of the lecturers of the Educational Department of the Museum of Art. Filming will take place on the day of the most important Jewish holiday – Shabbat. This day begins on Friday with sunset and ends on Saturday with the exit of the first stars.

“We will be making sounds on todays Palac Square, where the beautiful Jewish temple stood until 1939. We will try to present this no longer existing building and to convey the genius loci, the spirit of this place, to the visitors of the Olomouc Synagogue (1897-1939) in the Archdiocesan Museum. They will be able to listen to the record we get, “said Marek Šobáň, the head of the eductors of the Olomouc Art Museum.

Continuous shooting will take 24 hours from Friday to Saturday (10-11 November 2017). “Thats why we are looking for volunteers to help us. We ask you to let us know by e-mail or by phone, in which day or night we would like to attend. We believe that this will not only create an interesting document, but also important in this case is the moment of meeting people, which is the essential purpose of the synagogue. This word is derived from the Greek synagogue – the assembly, “added eduard Hana Lamatova.