07 Nov 2023
Olomouc Museum of Modern Art
Guided tour
Objem duše
Objem duše

Take a look at a selection of the best of the MUOs sculpture collection together with the authors of the exhibition Volume of the Soul and the MUO curators. Come on a guided tour of the Volume of the Soul exhibition and admire the works of such masters as František Bílek, Otto Gutfreund, Vincenc Makovský, Josef Mařatka, Jan Štursa, Hana Wichterlová, Hugo Demartini, Rudolf Chorý, Eva Kmentová, Jiří Kolář, Stanislav Kolíbal, Karel Malich, Zbyněk Sekal, František Skála, Aleš Veselý and Jan Wojnar. You will also learn why the exhibition is divided into seven chapters, how sculptures have changed over the centuries and what else the MUO collections hide.