29 Jul 2024 - 02 Aug 2024
Olomouc Museum of Modern Art
Workshop for children

As every year, the suburban camp will take place at the turn of July and August in cooperation with the Akademik sport centre of Palacký University. Each year, the week-long activities are dominated by a central theme, which is developed into other sub-themes during the course of the event. This time, the art and drama suburban camp will focus on themes related to the Triennial, especially its central theme, which is the monument. Hence the derivation of the name of the camp Build, Stand! The exhibits not only inside the museum, but also those displayed outside the institution, will be a real challenge for both the lecturers and the participants of the five summer days. Together, they will experience and try traditional and non-traditional approaches to art, the aim of which will be to try to see our everyday reality through different eyes, from a different angle, just completely differently. The five days indoors and outdoors, in the buildings of the Museum of Modern Art and the Archdiocesan Museum, will be packed with unforgettable experiences, as they are every year. One of the highlights of the five-day suburban camp will be the evening program with an overnight stay of the participants in the museum.

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