26 Jun 2024

The international cross-border project Narrative Presences facilitates communication and artistic exchanges among displaced Ukrainian communities in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine), Vienna (Austria), and Olomouc (Czech Republic). The project aims to contribute to addressing the current living situation of Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes as a result of the Russian invasion. A team consisting of visual artists, educators, psychotherapists, professional dancers, and performers works together with displaced Ukranians to share their stories of escaping the war and finding a new home. The workshops create a safe space in which to share and prepare the final performative form. The stories represented in the workshops and in the performances through the material of cardboard bricks follow the journeys of people leaving Ukraine for Western Europe. Each individual story contributes its own content and value to a potential collective healing process. The stories have different roots and fates, but the unifying idea of coming to terms with a “new home” and a “new reality” brings us closer together. Through initiated and guided work with memory, different times and different individual presences meet for a moment.

As part of the XY walk, the NGO Ne Sami will talk about their evacuation work from the front line in the east of Ukraine and their collaboration with the project Narrative Presences. On the 27th of June at 19:00 the final performance of Narrative Presences will take place as part of the opening of the SEFO 2024 Triennial.