Feeling a model of stucco decoration or rebuilding the war-torn Kroměříž with Bishop Karel - visitors of the Kroměříž part of the exhibition The Temple of the City and Homeland can try it.

NEWS | JULY 18. 2019

The biggest exhibition of this years exhibition of the Museum of Art in Olomouc is the exhibition The Temple of the City and Homeland: Bishop of Olomouc Olomouc of Lichtenstein-Castelcorna in the middle of Baroque Europe. You will find it not only in the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum, but also in the Kroměříž chateau, where the lecturers have prepared several game activities for you, which will make your tour of the exhibition very special.

“All the gaming activities are closely linked to the exhibition about the father of the Moravian Baroque – Bishop Charles of Lichtenstein-Castelcorna. For example, visitors can build cubes with reproductions of period engravings of the castle and gardens in Kroměříž, put together a tetrahedron – a sign of Bishop Karel, feel the model of stucco decoration or organize a library, ”says lecturer Petr Hudec.

At the Kroměříž chateau, Bishop Karel is presented as a builder and visitors to the exhibition will also get acquainted with the seats he had repaired after the devastating Thirty Years War. “The bishop also stood behind the reconstruction of the war destroyed Kroměříž. It is precisely its renewal that visitors can try out thanks to the special animation aid, ”adds Hudec.