News | November 14, 2014 At the beginning of the animation program to the permanent exhibition A Century of Relativity gets class assignment: see exposition and choose one thing you would like to took home ...

News | November 5, 2014

Its still not art? Such questions keep hearing our teachers on a tour of the permanent exhibition A Century of Relativity. The answers they give to pupils and students during the same name in the animation program, during which leading trainer David Grbek over several exhibits interview with a group of students. At the beginning, class task: “Look at the exposure and select the one thing you would like to took home”. Then the lecturer deals with students one picture, which together down to the last detail analyzed. Based on the analysis tries to think about the exhibits they have chosen and try to bring in two minutes rest. Then, with the teacher devote three other, less “readable” artifacts.

Conclusion animation program belongs happening, after which students prepare implemented in the public space, the Museum Café 87. Without warning, a přisedávají to guests, silent, not communicating, just sits motionless until the action lecturer canceled. Then analyze the situation together. After the end of the animation program students usually happening repeatedly, however, it has in another and without tutors and pedagogical “supervision”.