Performing arts

Reconstruction of the former Central cinema into a cultural multifunctional hall.

In order to completely fulfil our vision of a 21st century museum, the SEFO needs its own stage for performing arts. That future scene of Central will respond to the Forums activities, develop them and at the same time be a contemporary and dynamic complement to the "stability" of its exhibitions. Central will be a marketplace of art, not in the meaning of business, but as a place of meeting, mutual enrichment, cognition, comparison.

The former Central Cinema and the former Theatre of Music are undergoing reconstruction now, after which they will once again serve as the "big and small stage" of the Museum of Art - Central European Forum. The big stage will keep its name - Central - even after the reconstruction. Until then, most cultural events take place in the Mozarteum of the Archdiocesan Museum, in exhibitions spaces and other places in both museums.

Of course, we already know which dramaturgical lines we want to develop in Central. We will follow up on the basic themes of the SEFO exhibitions and be inspired by them when processing them in the authors stage shapes. We count on the presentation of all forms of performing arts from Central European countries - art film, theatre, dance and music. Literature in the languages of Central Europe will also have a permanent place in the program. Of course, we will complete the SEFO exhibition program with lecture series on the topic of visual art in Central Europe from the 19th century to the present and participate in events requiring the cooperation of cultural institutions throughout the city, too (Divadelní Flora, Academia film Olomouc, etc.).

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Sunday | 2. 4. 2023

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