NEWS | 2. 3. 2016 Thirty participants Third Age University paid a visit today to the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum.

NEWS | 2. 3. 2016

Thirty participants Third Age University paid a visit today to the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum.

“In this room you can see the works with religious themes that relate to Nazaren movement in the nineteenth century in Europe …” said lecturer Hana Lamatová. The audience at that moment, almost professional, students Czech history.

“Its always better interpretation, a person learns more. I read something on labels, but the spoken word is better,” assessed Anna Havlíčková accountant by profession.

Sophomore was visiting the picture gallery charmed. “Those paintings are absolutely amazing,” said Jitka Nováková. According to the former nursey Marie Schubertová was amazing Julius Mařák, Antonín Chittussi and she likes Jakub Schikaneder. “Finally, we agreed that we probably most impressed Old Woman Memories. Perhaps its our age,”said Schubertová to the work of Joseph Köpf.

Before the sophomore took to the exhibition, they tried in the studio own creation. “We painted with lecturer sensational paintings, landscapes and the feeling of space in which we feel comfortable. I painted flowers,” said Nováková. Her colleague Havlíčková chose the beach and sea. “I like the heat,” she explained.

The exhibition Olomouc Picture Gallery IV presents European paintings from the 19th century Olomouc collections. The accompanying program includes not only the elderly but also with the younger generation and also thinks for families or middle-aged visitors.