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Olomouc Picture Gallery IV

25/2 – 25/9/2016 

For the fourth and last time we will make good use of the long-term research into collections of paintings in Olomouc. Following successful exhibitions of Italian, Dutch, and Central European paintings, we will focus on 19th century painters.  The set constitutes the largest part of the ancient art collections of Olomouc. As with the previous picture galleries, the paintings are primarily from the Olomouc Archbishopric’s collections, the museum’s ancient art collection, and a distinguished private collection that has been stored in the Olomouc Museum of Art.

You will see a representative selection of the most prominent works by not only Czech, Moravian, German and Austrian painters, but also French, Italian, and Spanish. To name a few Czech painters: Václav Brožík, Vojtěch Hynais, Antonín Chittussi, Julius Mařák, Antonín Slavíček, Antonín Hudeček, Luděk Marolda, and Alfons Mucha. The range of themes is also very rich: landscapes, vedute, still life, biblical, mythological, historical, genre scenes, portraits, and allegories.

We will issue a scholarly exhibition catalogue.

Photo Gallery
Johann Scheffer von Leonhardshoff

St. Cecilia playing the organ, [around 1820]

August Bedřich Piepenhagen

The Sea, (1850s)

Josef Lauer

Still Life with camellias and hyacinths, 1847

Antonín Liehm

Harvest, 1849

Ludwig Halauska

Lower Krimml Falls, 1855 

Gustave Courbet (?)

The Toilet, [1860s (?) or later]

Václav Brožík

Death of St Irene, 1873

Hans Makart

Triumphal Arrival of Charles V in Antwerp, (around 1878)

Julius Eduard Mařák

Birch Wood, 1879

Jakub Schikaneder

Spring Idyll (Woman with a basket of grass), 1883

Bedřich Havránek

Cottage under the hill, (3rd quarter of the 19th century)

Eduard Peithner von Lichtenfels

Mountain Village, (1870s?)

Josef Köpf

Grannies memories, 1893

Václav Radimský

Rural Landscape, (1897-1905)

Jaroslav Špillar

Caught a forest nymphs (Water nymphs), [before 1901]

Vojtěch Bartoněk

Patrol’s Catch (Morning in the Street), [1902]

Adolf Hölzel

In the monastery garden (Singing children with a nun), 1905

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