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Muzeum umění Olomouc

Visitation to the Museum of Art has been growing for the third year in a row after a downturn. Last year, a total of 57,995 visitors came to our exhibitions and events, and the total number of tickets sold – 118,610 – was close to the pre-Covid years.

“We are of course delighted with the interest of visitors. The reopening of the Archdiocesan Museum last year played a big part in this, with almost 23,000 people visiting from 24 April to the end of the year. The greatest interest was in the Zdík Palace, where 20,907 tickets were sold,” says Tomáš Kasal, spokesman for the Museum of Art.

Another 18,308 people visited the Museum of Modern Art and 7,050 people visited the Picture Gallery and Gallery at the Chateau in Kroměříž, where the exhibition programme is managed by a separate MUO workplace – the Archdiocesan Museum Kroměříž. “Traditionally, our permanent exhibitions are the biggest draw. Specifically, 13,569 entries were sold to the Century of Relativity exhibition dedicated to 20th and 21st century art. The Archdiocesan Museum offers two permanent exhibitions for one admission fee – To Glory and Praise and Here You Are. A total of 19,751 people visited them. The most successful temporary exhibition was Mandalas in the Wind, which was seen by 13,348 visitors,” Kasal said.

Another 9,809 people came to the museum’s accompanying events, such as lecture programmes, film screenings, theatre performances, concerts, lectures and other events, which is 2,000 more than in 2022. A very popular workshop for children is the Open Studio, which last year attracted 914 visitors.

Traditionally, the Museum of Art experienced the biggest crowd on Museum Night on Friday 19 May – 3,512 people came!

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