NEWS: 13 09 2022 During his visit to the museum, the Minister of Culture saw the current exhibitions, the reconstruction of the Central Cinema and the SEFO gap. The MUO management then presented the key projects they are currently working on intensively.

NEWS: 13 09 2022

On Tuesday, Minister of Culture Martin Baxa visited the Museum of Art. Accompanied by Ondřej Zatloukal, Director of the MUSEUM, his representatives Gina Renotière, Michal Soukup and Barbara Kundračíková, Head of SEFO, he visited the permanent exhibition of 20th century art – Century of Relativity and the current exhibitions Bosch+Bosch and Home and the World. Together with the museums management, he also visited the newly reconstructed Central Cinema and the vacant lot next to the Museum of Modern Art, where the new SEFO building is to stand in the future. 

He was then presented with the key projects that MUO is currently working on – especially the international project Recorded – Open (making cultural heritage accessible to the public through digitization and interactive online tools), the preparation of the new permanent exhibition of the Archdiocesan Museum, which will be seen by the first visitors in the spring of next year, and the preparation of a permanent exhibition for SEFO.