NEWS | May 2, 2016

NEWS | May 2, 2016

Full-day tour called Experience life as an artist in the 19th century formed the weekend attractive item in the program accompanying the exhibition gallery Olomouck Picture Gallery IV. Prague and Roztoky has spent over thirty people.

Hikers awaited visit to the studios of the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU), the Rudolfinum Gallery and studio of Zdeňka Braunerová important women of Czech artists in the 19th and 20th centuries.

“At the Academy we found some graduate students at work, so we saw the art in the process,” said lecturer and organizer of the trip Hana Lamatová. Get as a visitor on the ground AVU just not so. “Some participants were enthusiastic smells and atmosphere, others were surprised layers of creative mess,” explained Lamatová.

Rudolfinum gallery space walkers then had insight into the ideas, the environment in which the exhibition projects took place in the past.

The main item on the agenda was a visit to the studio Zdeňka Braunerová. “Her weekend cottage with an atelier in Roztoky near Prague, surrounded by parkland, is an amazing place, from which radiates genius loci,” said Lamatová. Visitors watched paintings, glass paintings, prints of old Prague or Braunerová book illustrations.

The public was traveling this weekend for the full price of 400 crowns, members of the Association of Friends of the Art Museum for half price. Another trip is planned on July 23. Lamatová lecturer takes art lovers in the footsteps of Antonín Slavíček in the landscape painted on seventy paintings.

The capacity of the trip is limited!
Reservation information: Hana Lamatová | 585,514,174 |