NEWS | JANUARY 20, 2022 The Return to the New World project will connect the history of the Jesuits with present-day Olomouc. Its author Jaro Varga will present it to you on Thursday in The Central library of UP - Zbrojnice.

NEWS | JANUARY 20, 2022

The long-term intervention in the Palacký University library follows two recent Jaro Varga‘s projects, The Yellow Book (Chiquita Room, Tàpies Foundation, Arús Library, and Picasso Museum in Barcelona) and In Someone Else‘s Skin (Goethe Institute Bratislava). Once again reflects our interest in books, our trust in them, the value we attach to them – as a source of irreversible truth, which is nevertheless constructed like any other element of the human world. After colonial literature and Karl May, Varga now focuses on the history and work of the Jesuit order.