NEWS | 23. 10. 2017 Lean into soft foam and think over the world around us and over humanity itself, it also allows an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art Josef Jankovič | Time flowing.

NEWS | 23. 10. 2017

I composed the installation as architecture following the existing exhibition premises based on Jankovič’s architectural projects. They inspired

me by their structure and original language that does not lose its validity even today, when comparing his original visions with the contemporary lack of functionality of systems. I was also intrigued by the possibility of projecting fragments of human figures – hands – in the gallery premises; that corresponds with my interest in corporeality and its interpretation as the nature of understanding each individual. With the growing masses within the immediate environment, however, it may be belittled. The fragments usually do not allow us to perceive properly the original wholeness of the body and the importance of humanity and that which is connected with it at heart. It is no coincidence that I chose foam for the creation of the installation, a material is used very often for its functional properties for the direct contact of the users and their rest. Its softness literally opens its arms to be checked out, but after the initial contact, it reveals its next level – similar to Jankovič’s designs for premises – in the form of changeable environment that disturbs the individual’s stability in movement due to varying degrees of solidity. It hints at the strenuousness of situations in which we often find ourselves and which we must face in the society. However difficult it is, it makes us take our own stance and maintain it throughout our behaviour towards another person. What is it like to face someone’s look face to face and be able to confront yourself?