PRESS RELEASE | 21. 3. 2018

PRESS RELEASE | 21. 3. 2018

Olomouc painter, designer and pedagogue Inge Kosková was born on January 31, 1940 in Brno. In his drawing work, he started with generous multifaceted figural compositions. Human figures were interested both in interaction (wrestlers, dancers, burial in the tomb), and in their static statue – figures stopped in time. Figural drawings have gained in time the appearance of trees from human hands and landscapes from human bodies. Since the mid-1980s, she has worked on the essence of her work, which is nature and the experience of nature. She completely abandoned imitation and focused on the authentic capture of inner experience.

Landscapes, trees, portraits of friends, the human body, but also music or mandalas, these are the frequent motives of the creation of the leading Czech designer – Inge Kosková. In his works he reflects the spiritual dimension of his ideas. It is often reflected in her hobby in yoga or music. The cross-section of her work on life shows a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art from March 8.