PRESS RELEASE 22. 6. 2017

PRESS RELEASE 22. 6. 2017

VERNISSAGE | 22 June 2017 | 16.00
DURATION TO | 1. 10. 2017
LOCATION | Archbishops Chateau Kroměříž
EXHIBITORS AUTHORS | Kateřina Fajtlová, Miroslav Kindl
ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION | Miroslav Kindl, Tomas Lampar
REPAIR | Libuše Vybíralová, Eliška Sklenářová

Pompey celebrations, spectacular scenes, plays playing mythological heroes and ballet, even in horseback, looked like life in the courtyard of Leopold I. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire wrestled in the mid-17th century with the famous French King of the Sun – Louis XIV. Not only in the battlefield but especially in the arts. Culture at the Imperial Court is the centerpiece of the new exhibition of Horses in Tutus in the Archdiocesan Museum of Kroměříž.

“We will present for visitors to the exhibition in the chateau in Kroměříž in the courtyard of Emperor Leopold I (1640-1705). We are based on preserved recordings of theater performances, fireworks and also ballet – and the horse. It is from this that the name of the exhibition Horses in piškoty is derived, “explained curator Miroslav Kindl of the organizing Olomouc Art Museum.


Not even Emperor Leopold himself left behind and even composed music, from oratory to ballet. He also liked to attend and organize musical performances. In his yard he provided background for dozens of artists from all over Europe. In nearly 50 years of his government, we have watched hundreds of different performances.

“We also offer unique Baroque theatrical costumes, which are original, no copies. You will see the original props or, for example, saddle and harness harness, “says Miroslav Kindl.

Horse ballet with his own eyes

In order for the visitors of the exhibition Horses to show the splendor of the Imperial Court Leopold I with their own eyes, the curators of the exhibition also prepared special animations for them.

“We will introduce animated, animated films that will make the ballet of La Contesa dellaria e dellacqua performed in the courtyard of the Hofburg on the occasion of the marriage of Emperor Leopold with his first wife Markéta Tereza on January 24, 1667. Animators working with Theater Muse in Vienna managed to move some graphic sheets and visitors to our exhibition can see the result. He sees how the horses formed a variety of shapes and how they performed in complete harmony with the rider of the complex figure, “says the curator of the show.

The Horseman Horses exhibition will have an extended reprise at the Archdiocesan Museum in Olomouc from 25 January to 15 April 2018,


The exhibition catalog of the Horses in Tutus | Festivities at the Court of Emperor Leopold I. of the Curators of Kateřina Fajtlová and Miroslav Kindl, published by the Olomouc Art Museum. The publication contains not only an insiders interpretation of the attractive theme of Baroque festivals, but also rich visual material.