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Work of the Month – Guided tour otherwise

NEWS | November 18, 2016

Curatosrs of Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum starts special guided tours focusing on one single work starts on November 24. The first one is Mystical betrothal St. Catherine, the picture painted by Antonín Martin Lublinský in 1675. The entire cycle will be named Work of the Month.

"Well be featuring each of the most important exhibits every curator," said the head of the Archdiocesan Museum Miroslav Kindl. In addition it will present gems of their collections Gabriela Elbelová, Jana Hrbáčová, Martina Potůčková and Simona Jemelková.

"While guided tours leads through the whole museum, this will be a half-hour to one hour format focused in detail on a single exhibit. And not only paintings, but also forays into cultural heritage and architecture,"said Kindl. Already in December, the scheduled tour of the chapel st. Barbara.

The November tour of Works of the month will be held on the eve of Catherine of Alexandria. Martina Potůčková acquaint visitors with the cult of the martyr, who was one of the most venerated Christian suffragan on the example of Baroque painting.

Work of the month will mostly correspond to the liturgical calendar, but it will not mindlessly copy. One such example is collapsing presentation of the Dutch landscape. "On the one paiting we will introduce the development of this genre in the sixteenth century," suggested Kindl.

These special tours should also establish an educational program in the next year.


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