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We will present Czech photography in Opole

NEWS | 20. 10. 2016 

A set of more than two hundred photographs by leading Czech artists will exhibit from October 29, 2016 The Museum of Opole Silesia in Opole. The exhibition entitled At first sight / Selection of Czech Photography of the 20th and 21th century has prepared Olomouc Museum of Art in collaboration with art historian Vladimir Birgus from the the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. One of the biggest shows of Czech Photography in Poland is accompanied by representative publications.

The exhibition, which is held under the auspices of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Poland Jakub Karfík will provide insight on the development of photography in the Czech lands in the 20th and 21st centuries. "Selection consists of two hundred and twenty photographs from thirty-four authors. Includes works by world-famous classics such as František Drtikol, Jaromír Funke, Jaroslav Rössler and Josef Sudek, photos of important postwar artists such as Miroslav Hák, Wilhelm Reichmann, Jan Saudek or Medková, but also contemporary authors Jindřich Štreit, Viktor Kolář, Dita Pepe, Milena Dopitová or Pavel Mara, "explained the curator Štěpánka Bieleszová.

Photos are from the collection of the Museum of Art in Olomouc, who own the third-largest public collection of photography in our country, from the archives of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, from private collections and from the property of living authors. The exhibition is divided according to several themes. A collection of avant-garde photography for the exhibition prepared by Vladimir Birgus, which also produced a set of works by the current generation. Birgus is also the curator of partial self-exposure Dita Pepe, Jindřich Štreit and Viktor Kolář. Štěpánka Bieleszová is the author of the part concerning the Czech Photo forties to the seventies and also compiled a set of experimental photographs from the sixties by artists associated in Olomouc DOFO.

The exhibition, which will end on January 29 next year, is accompanied by nearly two-hundred publications in Polish, Czech and English, which was authored by Štěpánka Bieleszová and Vladimir Birgus. On her release contributed Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Olomouc and the Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University in Opava and the Museum of Opole Silesia in Opole.

Photo Gallery
Jaromír Funke

Composition - glass and ball (Still Life with ball), (1923)

Jaroslav Rössler

(Composition) (1926-1929)

Eugen Wiškovský

Shade (Insulator with spring) (1933-1935)

Vilém Reichmann

Call of faraway places 1939

Josef Sudek

Apples in a bowl, (1940-1954)

Miroslav Hák

City area, 1942

Rupert Kytka

untitled, around 1960

Jaroslav Vávra

Salome, (around 1960)

Jan Hajn

Mats, 1960

Ivo Přeček

Photodrawing - Specter, 1960

Emila Medková

Two Heads I, 60 years of the 20th century

Miloslav Stibor

Miller 7, 1968

Jan Saudek

Life, 1966

Vojtěch Sapara

Rhinestones, around 1970

Jan Svoboda

Table, 1981

Jindrich Štreit

Elections in Kněžpole, 1986


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