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Exhibition DUSK AND BRIGHTNESS is now online

NEWS | MARCH 31. 2020

Enter our new exhibition DUSK AND BRIGHTNESS online. Now you can see it from your home.

The exhibition presents a set of art works from the Olomouc Museum of Art collections – the collection of paintings, sculpture, drawings and graphics. The exhibits and particularly the variety of their motifs and materials might be considered an interesting probe into the museum’s valuable possessions.  The curators’ choice is integrating the theme of nature; nature created and born from the imagination of the artists from the 18th to 21st century. PARADISE – COGNITION – FOREST OF OBLIVION – MYSTERIOUS STORIES – DUSK AND BRIGHTNESS – NASCENCY– GROWTH – VERTICALS are the miniscule sections of the exhibition linked to each other and expressing the content´s topics. When thinking about this exhibition, we tried to create a sort of essay of visual arts, where the art works are at the same time little shards of the thinking about the value of nature - the nature, whose authentic part is created by the story of the human life, the story of heaven and of human eternal fight for cognition of his own place in the cycle of the nature’s rhythm. There the darkness and the light, the brightness and the dusk are the perpetual constants as well as the most significant symbols of the word’s duality and duality of its perception. 

The language of art is powerful. It is a celebration of beauty, an expression of human desire for harmony, but it also contains sadness and warning about danger, which we ourselves constitute for the nature. The undertone of the exhibition includes this memento, too. 

Exhibition authors: Šárka Belšíková, Anežka Šimková

Photo Gallery
Jan Nowak
Antonín Mánes
Josef Řeřicha
Arnošt Hrabal
František Kobliha
Josef Váchal
Jindřich Štyrský
Maxmilián Pirner
Josef Kotzian
Františka Kudelová
Ladislav Zívr
Jan Nowak
Jan Nowak
Adéla Ducháčová

Stanislav Podhrázský
Josef Ullmann
Oldřich Šembera
Otakar Nejedlý
Josef Šíma
Janina Kraupe-Swiderska

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