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The triennial heads to the streets of Krakow

In connection with the long-term strategy of the Central European Forum Olomouc (SEFO), selected foreign institutions will also be presented within the accompanying program of the SEFO 2021 triennial. The first will be The International Cultural Center, which will now transfer the Triennial to Krakow.

The International Cultural Centre is a place to reflect on culture and cultural heritage in the face of present day challenges. The institution focuses on the areas of cultural heritage theory, philosophy and management, remembrance, identity, the cultural space, art and heritage of Central Europe, dialogues between cultures, the city as a mirror of civilization, cultural policy and culture economics. The ICC’s watchword is interdisciplinary. Our institution is active in a number of areas, joins points of view, draws on the achievements of a range of fields of study to share, in the most extensive but at the same time most coherent and objective manner possible, its experience in cultural heritage in its universal dimension. The ICC is a national institution of culture involved in research, study, educational and information activities.

The International Cultural Centre was founded on 29 May 1991 during the CSCE Symposium (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe), when representatives of the East and West debated culture and heritage for the first time after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Since its inception, the ICC has had its seat in the historical Ravens House in the Main Market Square, a building that goes back to the Middle Ages. The location in the centre of the city and once at the heart of Central Europe, helps us pursue our mission, which is to support cultural integration in Europe and to protect its cultural heritage.

More HERE.

Human order and visual language

By choosing the theme "Human orders and visual languages - structuralism, constructivism, symbolism" we present to our audience various ways of using and showing the visual language. Our activities are aimed at children, youth and seniors.

Starting with the presentation of a new man in relation to the new environment, lifestyle and buildings, through workshops using on the one hand an abstract and on the other hand a mathematical point of view of creating artistic structures, and ending with the personal experiences of a pioneer of computer art in Poland – prof Jan Pamuła.

The program of the Krakow MULTIvers HERE.

Todays opening hours

Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc 10.00-18.00
Museum of Modern Art 10 AM - 6 PM
Archdiocesan Museum Kroměříž 8.30 AM - 6 PM

Tuesday | 5. 12. 2023

Today is open

Pokladna otevřená út–ne 10-18 hodin, Rezervace na pokladna@muo.cz
telefon: 585 514 241

9 exhibitions open

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