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The Theater of Architecture introduces the ideas of collective living

NEWS | 27. 11. 2017 

How was it with the hotel house in Olomouc? From the initial enthusiasm to the joyful skepticism, you will be able to guide you through the documentary material Martina Mertová. The Theater of Architecture will accompany an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Living together | Czech collective houses.

Visitors to the Thursday Theater of Architecture can look forward to the testimonies of the first inhabitants of the Olomouc collective house as well as archive materials that will remind of its construction.

"The quarterly evening will also bring excerpts from a recent interview with architect Karel Dolák, one of the authors of the Olomouc hotel house," reminds Martina Mertová, a guide to the show.

There will be no fun either. The members of the association Behind the Beautiful Olomouc are just studying the theater sketch. "It will take us to a TV studio in 1962. What is not kept in the archives of Czech Television, we are going to serve you very well," laughs Martin Mertová.

In the second half of the evening, the theater of architecture will introduce the audience to the present and the future of collective housing. "Lets say whether the concept of collective housing is a successor to the present. And we will introduce concepts of coops, cohausing, Baugruppe or shared housing, "adds Mert.

The evening dedicated to collective living will begin at the Music Theater on Thursday 30 November at 6 pm

Organized by the Olomouc Art Museum in cooperation with the Beautiful Olomouc Society.


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