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The Street Art Festival and MUO join forces

NEWS | AUGUST 9. 2021

Triennial SEFO | 2021 and the Street Art Festival will introduce you to art in public space this week in the SEFO gap.

Tuesday | 20.00
SAFE: Gold Along the Banks

On the eve of the discussion dedicated to street art as a form of public art, there will be a screening of one of the exceptional film insights into the community of Belgrade street artists.

Wednesday | 17.00
Art in Public Space: A Lesson in Street Art

Guided walk through the city dedicated to street art and murals. Organized in cooperation with the Street Art Festival.
Led by: Romana Junkerová, Barbora Kundračíková

Wednesday | 20.00
Art in Public Space: A Lession in Street Art

Another in a series of discussion on and in public space, this time devoted to street art. Subjects will include the gradual establishment of this form, its institutionalisation, the issue of protection and sustainability. How to treat street art so it remains original? How to establish the boundaries of the contamination of public space? Examples of good and bad practice will be the subject of joint discussion. The programme is being prepared in cooperation with SAFE Olomouc.
Guests: Blanka Čermáková (Trafo Gallery), Viktor Feher (Street Art Communication), Romana Junkerová (Street Art Festival), Jan Kasl (Chairman of the Art  for the City Commission)

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