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The sixth Festival Art Brut Film introduced French La Fabuloserie

NEWS | March 31, 2017

Baptism of publication Atlas of spontaneous art started festival Art Brut Film in Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum yesterday. Six documentaries presented authors, whose works are located in La Fabuloserie – the Museum of Art Brut. Imaginary godmother became Sophie Bourbonnais, daughter of the founder of the museum Alain Bourbonnais.

Collection La Fabuloserie originated in France in the sixties of the 20th century, when successful architect Alain Bourbinnais (1925-1988) became interested in the spontaneous formation of autodidacts. In 1971 he contacted Jeana Dubuffeta and his support for opening in 1972 in the Paris gallery "raw art" Atelier Jacob. Jean Dubuffet in 1975 transferred his private collection of art brut to Lausanne, Switzerland, which is still exposed.

"I was seventeen years old at this time. I used to go every afternoon to gallery and help out," said Sophie Bourbonnais thought back to the time when he became a student at the Sorbonne. 

From Paris to Dicy

The museum La Fabuloserie in Burgundy village Dicy where established in 1983 in theirs country house. Today, the museum has works by some 150 artists. Alain Bourbonnais with them always met first, before buying. "My father does not like traveling and had a phobia of flying, so he did not get very far. And because they did not collect anything without context, mostly by French authors, rarely a Belgian or Italian," said Bourbonnais.

One of his actvities was also documentaries about these artists. "Together with sister we are now trying to expand the collection, we are open to any cooperation on other films with director Philippe Lespinasse," said Bourbonnais. It is these films have been screened at the Archdiocesan Museum.

For Bourbonnais is difficult to find the most highlighted artist. "I knew most of them personaly. Today we are friends. But Im probably closest to the work of Francis Marshal," she said.

Le Petit Pierre 

La Fabuloserie magnet is Pierre Avezard nicknamed  as Petit Pierre and his mechanical carousel called Manege. Its maintenance is expensive, demanding and continuous. 

Maintenance is expensive, demanding and continuous. Sam keeps and maintains mechanisms, cleans and lubricates. "For me its downright fun things to paint and daub it. Carousel has many components and gears," said. Bourbonnais. Conservation and other work in their own museum can still enjoy regardless of the fact that they has own staff.

The sixth annual nonprofit festival of films and videos dedicated to the remarkable phenomenon of Art Brut was built on images of La Fabuloserie and artists Emile Ratier, Francis Marshal or Petit Pierre. Festival organizers were Olomouc Museum of Art, Association ABCD and Art Map publishing.

Photo: Tereza Hrubá

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