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The new number of the Museum was published

NEWS | 2. 10. 2017

The recently deceased Slovakian artist Jozef Jankovič and his work - this is one of the main topics of this years fourth quarterly issue of the Museum. It will be remembered for example by his friend Jindřich Štreit. But the reader is also waiting for a great interview with photographer Milena Valušková or a commemoration of the anniversary of the ordination of the Olomouc Synagogue, which will be exhibited in the Archdiocesan Museum.

Apart from the exhibitions, Jozef Jankovič and the Olomouc Synagogue (1897 - 1939), two more exhibitions that will break out in the museum in autumn. The first project will be a joint project of the Olomouc Art Museum, the Regional Gallery of Liberec and Alsovas South Bohemian Gallery - Living together. Czech collective houses. What the visitors will see at the Monogramist T. D exhibition, then the Slovak artist Dezider Tóth himself reveals himself in the Museum.

The profile medallion this time belongs to the head of the production department of MUO and the person in charge of the Music Theater - Alexandr Jeništa.

In the new issue you will also find a photographic portrait of the European Heritage Days or the Baroque Culture Festival Hortus Magicus. Young photographers Hana Connor and Filip Jandourek will tell how they look in the third world. And there will be no news from the Olomouc Friends of Arts Association. Its members will find Muzeion soon in their mailbox, other art fans can pick up the new number for free at the box office. In the electronic version, you will find the current edition HERE.

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