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The Home and Abroad exhibition ends on Sunday

NEWS: 16 09 2022

Josef Lada, Joža Uprka, Julius Mařák, František Skála, Ľudovit Fulla, Lászlo Fehér and Mirosław Bałka - the works of these and many other artists are on display at the Museum of Arts Home and the World exhibition until Sunday. Take the last opportunity to discover how they interpreted and reinterpreted the landscape of Central Europe in their works!

The exhibition offers visitors three types of landscapes, three types of stories: the borderlands, the lowlands and the peaks directly invite you to invent fanciful narratives such as fairy tales, mythology and metafiction. In them, we enter the world from home and find a home in the world. The visitor to the exhibition should also perceive this certain ambivalence - they should feel at home in the exhibition, but at the same time move in the big world of art.

"If we were to be specific, the landscape border or transition can be placed in Šumava and connected with Josef Váchal, Alfred Kubin, František Skálá or Michaela Melián," says curator Barbora Kundračíková. "If we imagine the lowlands, we see the Hungarian wilderness, but also the Hana or Slovácko regions, to which we automatically associate artists such as Joža Uprka, Jiří Lindovský, Károly Markó, László Lakner, André Kertész or László Fehér," Barbora Kundračíková continues. "And the highlights? The Tatras with Ľudovít Fulla, Martin Benka, Julius Koller, Rudolf Sikora or Svätopluk Mikita. Of course, there is considerable permeability between them, in the landscape and narrative sense. And just as fluid is the relationship between home and the world."

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