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The first angels are in creative zone of visitors

NEWS | November 14, 2016

Eight angels remained in the core of the Museum of Art after Saturday family workshop. Several other people took home.

"Rendering an angel does not have to look traditionally as a fairground stalls," explained on the meaning of the workshop lector Marek Šobáň. And precisely in this spirit carried about fifteen people from several families in the Museum of Modern Art, Archdiocese museum and art studio.

The workshop started by the exhibition Rustle of Angel Wings, each one chose "his" image of an angel. "There had to be some personal reflection and reasoning," said Šobáň.

There was a brief guided tour, which works on the contrary, chose a lector and in which participants create their own sketches.

Then people stopped at Adriena Šimotová canvas titled What remains of an angel. However, this is installed on the floor. "According to this inspiration, participants can try to create own angel tearing the paper," said Šobáň.

Another inspiration was for Angel for Vitík by Věra Janoušková. According to him, the workshop participants will create their sculpture of the things found at a recycling center. "It was one of the proofs that the angel can have unexpected form," said Šobáň.

The workshop culminated in the afternoon in museum’s  art studio. From the unconventional and waste materials, wire and pieces of substances manufactured mens Angels. From this production were eight of them in the museum remained in the new active zone, which will be used for exhibitions of works created in lecturing studio.

"Although it was not exactly warm weather, try some participants still come out a poem by Jan Skacel shoot whats left of an angel. Could it be stain and torn poster, anything, "said Šobáň. Lecturer now waiting for photographs. They will appear in the January issue of the magazine Muzeion.

Photo: Tereza Hrubá

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