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The famous Slovak artist Jozef Jankovič died

NEWS | 5. 6. 2017

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, a sad news came from Slovakia - a prominent Slovak artist, a key figure of the unofficial cultural scene of the second half of the twentieth century and political emigrant Jozef Jankovic, died.

With his expressive sculptural language, the sense of black humor and ironic exaggeration aimed at the depth of individual and social demeanor of man and his existential limit - the deformed human figure was ultimately a philosophical focus of his work. Equally unconventional and inspirational, as he used the established methods of artistic expression, he also actively participated in public life. As a teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and her first post-revolutionary rector, he has influenced the rising wave of artists.

Exhibition in Olomouc

Olomouc Art Museum reminds its esprit and its significance by a large autumn retrospective. She will present the most significant works of Jankovičs work from the late sixties to the beginning of the seventies: the time of shaping personal art programs and reactions to the most recent European artistic tendencies, when Jankovič came up with the motif of over-dimensioned human limbs, moving to expressive sculptures with the message of urgent appeal within the current society Events. There will also be no flagship examples illustrating authors creative thinking in the following years, when a grotesque came to the word in the postmodernist morphology and gave a peculiar feeling of the search for the freedom and absurdity of the experiences.

Jozef Jankovič has been awarded major awards: the Grand Prix of Danuvius Biennial in Bratislava (1968), the Biennale of Young in Paris (1969), and the Herder Awards (Vienna, 1983). He represented Slovakia at the Venice Biennale (1970, 1995), at the Europa-Europa East-European Avantgard exhibition in Bonn (1994) and many others. Since 1990 he has been a professor at VŠVU in Bratislava.

Open Call - Open Call for Artists: Time Flow

Olomouc Museum of Art also announces an open call for artists on the occasion of the exhibition of sculptor Jozef Jankovič, one of the most prominent representatives of post-war Slovak art.

Visual artists from different disciplines and countries are welcome with their artistic projects in electronic form (moving / static images, animation, video, new media).

More information can be found HERE

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