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The exhibition Flashback: Hermit will close with an international conference and concert

NEWS: 12 09 2023

The exhibition Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999 ends on Sunday, and since it is an exhibition dedicated to the wild 90s, its end will not be ordinary either - its authors have prepared an international conference for Saturday, which will culminate in a concert at the Church.

"In the early 1990s it was a revelation. Since 1992, artists from Western Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia and Africa have come to the Baroque Cistercian monastery in Plasy in the Pilsen region for Hermit art symposiums and festivals. The archive from these events, which includes publications, texts, photographs, sound recordings, videos and links to parallel activities in Europe, was accepted by the Olomouc Museum of Art in 2019 and is being presented in the exhibition Flashback: Hermit 1992-1999, which is now coming to an end," says its curator Jakub Frank.

And it is precisely the work with art archives of the 1990s that will be the focus of Saturdays Not for Sale/Sold Out conference.

"The framework involves research into various initiatives and artistic networks that often emerged on the periphery and operated outside the context of official institutions and galleries. This international gathering of art historians and artists seeks ways to share and exchange information about now often forgotten activities, models, networks and strategies. More generally, it addresses the questions of how to continue the exchange of ideas on the meaning of art in post-socialist societies and how art has responded to the political and economic transformations of 1989 and 2000 in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, or Slovenia. The archive of the Hermit Foundation and the Centre for Metamedia Plasy in the collection of the Olomouc Museum of Art serves as a possible inspiration and case study for finding contours and connections within the geographical, socio-political and cultural map of this territory," Frank adds.

In addition, the eve of the end of the exhibition will be enriched by a concert by two participants of the Hermit Symposium, Michael Delia and Martin Alaçam, who will play acoustic instruments in the Church of Our Lady of the Snows. The concert will follow the aforementioned conference.

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Photo Gallery
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999
Flashback: Hermit 1992 - 1999

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