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Architecture in process. Maturation, searching, determination, struggling, dreaming

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The exhibition Architecture in Process is extended until 2 April!

NEWS: 13 03 2023

Architecture lovers will have three more weeks to learn about the process of architecture and all the circumstances that influence the work of an architect. Because the Architecture in Process exhibition is getting longer!

The exhibition "Architecture in Process" is a probe into the work and complex thinking of an architect. It explores what is behind the final form of buildings, what steps lead to them and how architects represent their three-dimensional ideas. In a thematic selection until 12 March 2023, the Olomouc Museum of Art presents the best of its collection of architecture, which has grown to an impressive twenty-two thousand items since the late 1970s.

"It was the process of forming a collection full of sketches, drawings and models that inspired us to find the curatorial key to the exhibition, in which architecture itself is viewed in the process of its creation. Visitors will be introduced to all the steps in the search for the ideal solution to architectural tasks and to the maturation of architectural creation in general. They will trace with us the initial impulses of school drills, the consolidation of their own manuscript, personal commitment or practice made difficult by the conditions of the time," explains curator Klára Jeništová.

The exhibition includes drawings, models and projections of realised projects and unrealised visions, both by renowned and completely forgotten architects. The selection of exhibits from the MUO collections crosses the timeline from the 19th century to the present day. "Visitors will encounter the works of famous names such as Jan Kotěra, Lubomír and Čestmír Šlapet, Alena Šrámková, the Machonins, Václav Aulický, as well as works by younger artists, for example from the Malý Chmel architectural studio. However, the exhibition also includes a fresh diploma thesis from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague," says Martina Mertová, co-author of the exhibition.

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Architecture in process
Architecture in process
Architecture in process
Architecture in process
Architecture in process

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