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Thank you for your "Traces of Wings"

NEWS | December 19, 2016

Competition accompanying the exhibition " Rustle of Angel Wings" resonates with you. Your contributions have already fills our folders. Thank you for them. Creations can be submitted until the end of January 2017. In the competition you can expect attractive prizes.

The contest runs in four age categories and four artistic disciplines: visual arts, literature, music and photography. The unifying theme is Angel. In each discipline and age category will be declared the winner by a professional jury.

Age categories:
First category: 6-10 years
The second category: 11-15 years
Third category: 16-19
The fourth category: 20+

Where to send?
Literary and musical works should be sent to hrbek@olmuart.cz. In the case of artworks, participants must indicate legibly name, age category and organizers transmit direct contact (preferably e-mail address). In case of sending the artifact, please write to: David Hrbek, Olomouc Museum of Art, Denisova 47, 771 111. Photographs should be sent in preview quality to soban@olmuart.cz.

Prizes: The winner in each category will, for example, year-round free admission to the Olomouc Museum of Art. Award in case Song Contest is a video clip.

Deadline: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 until midnight.

Photo Gallery

Lukáš Kos, 12 years


Lucie Zlámalová

Traces of Wings

Iva Višinková

Imprint of wings in stone

Petr Kukal

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