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Slovak Reprise The Phenomenon of the Paper and Book Atelier

NEWS | March 9, 2017

Authors books and objects student J. H. Kocman of Brno Studio of paper and book by March 13 can be admired Literary Museum, which is a specialized institution of the Slovak National Library in Martin.

The exhibition The Phenomenon of the Paper and Book Atelier, which recently ended in Olomouc Museum of Art, there installs curator Gina Renotière on these days.

According Renotière Jiří Hynek Kocman is one of the most prominent representatives of conceptual art in the European context. "The merit of the paper and the book becomes in the Czech Republic respected artistic disciplines," highlighted his importance.

Kocman worked at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Students focused on the exploration and interpretation of paper and books with regard to the material, structure and function. While the craft was the basis for the emergence of conceptual works," said curator.

Literary Museum has a fifty-year tradition and it will come to over 43 thousand visitors. "Permanent exhibition of the history of Slovak literature since the Great Moravia to the middle of the last century. But museum collects documents about art and nature focused on the development of Slovak literature, its history, presentation and popularization. In addition, we also offer short-term exhibition projects related to the core business, " said Jarmila Kováčová from Literary Museum.

The exhibition of artists books in Martin is first reprise and will last till May 20. Then exhibition will move to Kutná Hora and Karlovy Vary.

Photo: Radoslav Ondrašovič

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